Books to retreat into

Everyone has those select books that make them feel safe. Whether it's because you read them at a particular time in your life, or associate them with something comforting, these books can have a surprisingly powerful effect. In this post, I'm going to share some of the ones I like to bury myself in when… Continue reading Books to retreat into

‘The Basic Eight’ by Daniel Handler

I don't usually read books that I think will have too much second-hand anxiety in them- by that I mean the uneasy feeling you get when everything starts to go horribly wrong for the protagonist- but I made an exception for this, as I wanted to sample Handler's work beyond the Series of Unfortunate Events books… Continue reading ‘The Basic Eight’ by Daniel Handler

Rediscovering Childhood Favourites

Although half the fun of reading comes from not knowing what will happen next, there's something so comforting about a familiar story, particularly if it's one you associate with a time when your problems were smaller. Over the past few years I have shamelessly reread the Chocolate Box Girls series multiple times (my copies are all signed, of course,… Continue reading Rediscovering Childhood Favourites