My name is Enid Coleslaw (it’s not really) and I live in England. On this blog I’ll mostly be reviewing books. I try to read a wide range of stuff, but my favourite author will forever be Haruki Murakami.

I recently decided to sew my own clothes for a year, so keep your eyes out for pattern reviews and photos of my latest projects!

When I’m not reading (and sometimes while I’m reading) I listen to a lot of music. I don’t like to restrict myself to one genre, but I’m always a sucker for fantastic lyrics (Belle and Sebastian, The Smiths) or just, you know, really good music (The Velvet Underground, The Stone Roses, Grimes). For a while I was a bit obsessed with the ’60s, and that still lingers in my music taste (Françoise Hardy, Love, The Mamas and The Papas). Oh, and I’m also a complete super-fan of Lana Del Rey and Fiona Apple.

Now and again I like to do some creative writing and one day I hope to write a novel, although I’m not sure what it would be about.

I also like discovering interesting movies, and when I find one I really like I watch it over and over. My most watched films would probably be God Help The Girl, Ghost World, Harold and MaudeAmerican Beauty and anything and everything by Louis Theroux (he is god).


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