My first time using a vintage pattern (sort of)!

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I found a stash of vintage patterns in my attic, and this was one of them. I’d never used a vintage pattern before this one, so I struggled a bit…

Firstly, the pattern is two sizes too big for me; something I didn’t realise when I decided to make it. I think I got my bust measurement wrong as I initially thought it was 32 inches, but I recently went on a mannequin-making course and found out that it was actually about 30 inches. If I had known this from the start I probably wouldn’t have attempted this pattern!

When I look at pictures of the finished dress I find myself cringing because of the horrible princess seams! Ugh.. how did they get so wrinkly?! It could be because I had to make such big adjustments to them, or perhaps it was because my fabric was slightly stretchy, making it easier to pull them out of shape. It’s such a shame, as it really distracts from the rest of the dress 😦

(Since these photos were taken I’ve given the dress a really good press, which helps get rid of the wrinkles to some extent! Phew!)

The reason the title says I ‘sort of’ used a vintage pattern is because, whilst I used all the original pattern pieces, the instructions were absolute gibberish to me so I ended up writing my own. I decided to alter several parts of the pattern: I used an invisible zip at the back, and I added gathers at the top of the sleeves. I know ignoring the original instructions is kind of ‘cheating’ but I actually learned a lot by writing out my own, so I’m glad I did it.

I’m really proud of this dress (aside from the terrible princess seams), especially as I had to alter it so much. I’m particularly pleased with how neat the contrast collar looks. In the future I’d like to challenge myself and follow a vintage pattern all the way through, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet!

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